Holistic Health Center


Below are quotes from actual patients:
"I have chronic back pain and acupuncture has been the only thing that’s alleviated my pain. I can finally surf again!"
-Richard H.

"I hate needles, but acupuncture treatment is the best! I have never found anything else which relieved my (menstrual) cramps as well as acupuncture."
-G. K. (PMS sufferer)

"I am deathly afraid of needles. Erin totally put me at ease. I’ve suffered from chronic headaches for 1 ½ years, now I have headaches only rarely. And Erin has treated my knee, which is bone on bone, alleviating the pain until my upcoming surgery. The pain management has been very effective. Erin is wonderful, she makes me feel so at ease, so I’m not scared at all. She has a calming aura and I highly recommend her to everyone."
- Peri B. (needle phobic)

"Since having acupuncture treatments I’ve had a considerable decrease in physical body soreness. I initially came to the Holistic Health Center for grief and sleep deprivation (night urination every couple of hours). Acupuncture has changed everything. The quality of my life has greatly improved. I feel so much more present and grounded. Thank you so much!"
- Erin B.

"… I highly recommend the services of Holisticland to anyone who is willing to experience non-traditional [sic] medicine. You will be glad you did. The calming environment of the San Mateo office adds to the healing process. I usually fall asleep during my treatments!"
- Nancy S.

"Stephanie helped relieve a 3 year old foot injury and double hip flexor problem. After only 9 treatments, my hip flexors were almost at 100%! In addition, I received treatments for my allergy/sinus problems. I used to take a steroid (nasal) spray, but with only a few acupuncture treatments and daily (Chinese) herbs, I stopped needing the spray!"
- Diane A. (muscle pain and allergy sufferer)

"Acupuncture treatments from Eric have not only increased my general well being, but have also addressed a variety of specific quantifiable health issues which Western medical practitioners could also treat. Eric has always been very professional and searching in order to find the most appropriate treatment for the current symptoms. For anyone who may be afraid that the needles will hurt, I can vouch that if used correctly, they don't and shouldn't. Give acupuncture a try, you have nothing to lose."
- Cheryl H. (computer consultant)

"I had back pain (scoliosis) for a few years and now my back feels much better since I started acupuncture and chiropractic treatments. After my acupuncture treatments I always feel so relaxed and inspired. And the needles hardly hurt at all, sometimes I don’t even feel the needles going in."
- Carmela M. (14 year old)

"Hide is the absolute best acupuncturist in the Bay Area. I have friends who have argued that their acupuncturist is better only to find out that Hide is their acupuncturist also. There is no ailment that Hide cannot help or cure and everyone at the Holistic Health Center is fabulous!"
- Carrie K. (teacher)

"A mi no me gustan las aujas, pero el tratamiento que me hacen con aujas me han mejorado bastante el dolor de cuello, y de la cintura, y tambien el dolor de cabeza, he mejorado bastante el tratamiento si funciona a menos en mi."
- F. Y. (baker)